Southwestern Oregon Regional Airport Hanger Building

HGE provided architectural and engineering consulting services for the construction of a new 33,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building airplane hangar, with attached office area, for the Coos County Airport District to replace an old hangar that burned down. The work included site preparation and site work, foundation and slab, concrete apron, building systems, partial interior finishes, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. Site work included demolition, earthwork, trenching, backfill, roadway realignment, alternate access road improvement (to airport terminal building), and underground utilities. The method of delivery chosen was the Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) method.

At the beginning of the project, HGE explored several alternate master plan concepts, building upon previous master planning work the Airport District had on file. After several reviews and discussion sessions, the final location for the new hangar was finalized. A reconfiguration of site access, including roadway and utilities was required to assure the Airport District of accommodating future growth. With the opened doors of the hangar, the foundations were designed for large uplift wind loads. The soils were such that all the new building structures were to be supported on a conventional foundation, but Geopiers were used to mitigate potential liquefaction settlements. Apron and building slabs were designed for heavy aircraft wheel loads.

Size 33,000 SQ FT
November 2014
Services Provided
Full Scope Architectural Services

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