Florence City Hall Addition/Remodel

Florence, Oregon

The Florence City Hall project included the remodel and addition to the existing City Hall building. Work primarily consisted of an approximately 9,100 sq. ft. remodel of the Main and Lower Floors, and an approximately 2,410 sq. ft. building addition for a total project area of approximately 11,500 sq. ft.

Programming identified the following requirements:

  • Improved customer service with a single/multipurpose area for customer interaction
  • Improved safety and security for staff and visitors;  reduction of building access points
  • Building accessibility and ADA requirements
  • Improved workspace flow for staff with internal connectivity
  • Improved internal and external meeting spaces
  • Centralized records retention system
  • Updated City Council Chambers with modern technologies
  • Updated doors, flooring, and finishes, throughout

Size10,430 SQ FT
January 2017
Services Provided
Full Scope Architectural Services
Megan Messmer, City Project Mgr.
City of Florence

Par-Tech Construction, Inc.
Roger Parsons, President