HGE has provided continuous professional services to our clients for over 65 years. We were established in the basement of PE Roy Erichen’s home in 1952. The company quickly grew and the name was changed to HGE to reflect the principals’ names: Bruce Harlan, Architect; Richard Gessford, Architect; and Roy Erichsen, Civil Engineer.  In 1972, the company split to separate the engineering and architectural disciplines, but continued to share ownership, staff, facilities, and resources as HGE, Inc., Engineers and Planners, and Harlan Miller Architects, PC.  In 1995, with a change in state regulations regarding architecture and engineering firms operating together, the firm merged back to become HGE, Inc., Architects, Engineers, Surveyors & Planners.

In 2015 the company became HGE Inc., Architects, Engineers & Planners, and in 2016, after 25 years at the 375 Park Avenue location, we moved to our current location at 333 S. 4th Street.  In response to an internal shift in the Summer of 2019, HGE Inc., changed the corporate name to HGE ARCHITECTS, Inc.  Today, the company continues to evolve and grow.  HGE ARCHITECTS, Inc. is an integral part of the bay area, providing a creative work environment for a great staff, and striving to provide excellent service to our clients today and in the decades to come.